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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunfulfilledun‧ful‧filled /ˌʌnfʊlˈfɪld◂/ adjective  1 SATISFIED#an unfulfilled hope, desire, dream etc has not been achieved His dream of competing in the Olympics remained unfulfilled.2 SATISFIED#someone who is unfulfilled feels they could be achieving more in their job, relationship etc Her job left her feeling unfulfilled and unappreciated.
Examples from the Corpus
unfulfilledDo threats to punish the child remain unfulfilled?It is both the goal to which we aspire and the end result that is capable of leaving us unfulfilled.They are tired of a Washington where political promises go unfulfilled.Perhaps it was just the fact of an unhappy and unfulfilled life.Two cuts into the album, I thought, this is nuts: I was trembling with passion and unfulfilled lust.More than a century later that unfulfilled promise is going to be held up for painful scrutiny.The people are tired of unfulfilled promises.Having spent an empty and unfulfilled Sunday, early the following morning he arrived outside the door of the Free Economic Institute.Nick felt dissatisfied and unfulfilled with his work.remained unfulfilledYet despite his efforts, his wife shewed no sign of becoming pregnant and his need for a son remained unfulfilled.
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