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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishungovernableun‧gov‧ern‧a‧ble /ʌnˈɡʌvənəbəl $ -vər-/ adjective  1 CONTROL#a country or area that is ungovernable is one in which the people cannot be controlled by the government, the police etc2 formalCONTROL# feelings or types of behaviour that are ungovernable are impossible to control ungovernable rage
Examples from the Corpus
ungovernableThis state of affairs, he said, jeopardized perestroika, unnerved the population, and threatened to make the country ungovernable.But he was also wonderfully ungovernable and frank.It was said, first, that the country was ungovernable, and secondly, that there was an unbridgeable north-south gap.His work is filled with a hatred of savagery, of ungovernable elements in both self and state.The bonds of brotherhood are treacherously betrayed by ungovernable selfishness and egotism.By 1979 the provinces themselves had become ungovernable, with even the Elector Counts facing rivals and rebellions within their own lands.
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