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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishungratefulun‧grate‧ful /ʌnˈɡreɪtfəl/ adjective  THANK#not expressing thanks for something that someone has given to you or done for you Don’t be so ungrateful!
Examples from the Corpus
ungratefulWhen he returns safely to his homeland you will not find me ungrateful.He wondered if they had come to take him away to a Home for ungrateful and unwanted children.I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but I really don't need any help.The ungrateful chief demanded his four horses back and returned the injured pony to Small Star.When she grows up, she should have such ungrateful children!Hanson could make an upstart drummer feel ungrateful if he tried to walk away from a kindness.Mildred Pierce slaves on behalf of her child, and the ungrateful kid ends up seducing her husband!Unbelief, on the other hand, has a short and ungrateful memory.All he was attempting to do was to prevent the river from flooding these ungrateful people's houses.Our children are so ungrateful - they don't realize how much we do for them.I am not prepared to go to jail for that ungrateful woman!
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