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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunhappilyun‧hap‧pi‧ly /ʌnˈhæpəli/ adverb  1 SAD/UNHAPPYin a way that shows you are not happy ‘I’m not sure what to do, ’ Seb admitted unhappily.2 [sentence adverb] old-fashionedPITY/IT'S A PITY used when you are mentioning a fact that you wish were not true syn unfortunately Unhappily, she was not able to complete the course.
Examples from the Corpus
unhappily"I don't know, " Bill answered unhappily.It all goes merrily or unhappily along whether you stick around to watch or not.Rolling on to her back, she stared unhappily at too many clouds that raced each other across the low sky.Picture Marilyn Monroe, unhappily being all things to innumerable men.Being unhappily employed may cost you in the long run far more than your paycheck is worth today.Then, unhappily, Mrs. Dennis died on 24 February 1983.Unhappily, she was not able to complete the class.The bad end unhappily, the good unluckily.But first, unhappily, there was the revolution.
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