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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunharmedun‧harmed /ʌnˈhɑːmd $ -ɑːr-/ adjective [not before noun]  INJURE#not hurt or harmed The hostages were released unharmed. The girl managed to escape unharmed.
Examples from the Corpus
unharmedAll fourteen people who were working inside the building when the blaze started escaped unharmed.Four people were injured, one severely, and 84 escaped unharmed.If the animal is free of tuberculosis, it can be released unharmed.Montag and his new companions remain unharmed.No one strikes at their interests and walks away unharmed.This makes them useful for destroying tumours while leaving surrounding tissue unharmed.The cat, although nervous, appears unharmed by the tennis ball which has just struck it amidships.The hostages were released unharmed some time afterwards.escape unharmedHer parents were alerted by their pet cats and the family escaped unharmed.The girl managed to escape unharmed.They were lucky to escape unharmed.
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