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unhealthyun‧health‧y /ʌnˈhelθi/ ●●○ adjective (comparative unhealthier, superlative unhealthiest)  1 HEALTHY#likely to make you ill unhealthy living conditions2 OBSESSIONnot normal or natural and likely to be harmful an unhealthy relationshipunhealthy interest/obsession/fear etc Gareth had an unhealthy interest in death.3 MIHEALTHY#not physically healthy syn ill, sick an unhealthy baby4 MIHEALTHY#unhealthy skin, hair etc shows that you are ill or not healthy an unhealthy pale complexionunhealthily adverb
Examples from the Corpus
unhealthyEating all that junk food is really unhealthy.There's something rather unhealthy about this particular game.At the age of 30 I was fat, unhealthy, and smoked two packs of cigarettes a day.And Lindsey decided it was unhealthy, and that it had become divorce time.James was a thin, pale, unhealthy child.And they are given interpersonal strategies to avoid peer pressure to make these unhealthy choices.An unhealthy diet is one that is too high in fat and sugar and too low in fibre.What may be unhealthy is the desire for instant transformations, the desire for that change to take place in an instant.This is the unhealthy kind of denial.He has such an unhealthy lifestyle -- smoking, drinking, eating too much.One of them was a doctor, a large, unhealthy looking specimen with a huge warty nose covered in broken veins.Competition characterises a healthy organisation and conflict an unhealthy organisation.People who are very overweight tend to be more unhealthy than others.My mother thought it was unhealthy to sleep with the windows shut at night.Some managers come away from virtual reality demonstrations with unhealthy visions of holograms dancing in their heads.unhealthy interest/obsession/fear etcBut unfortunately, they can also give rise to unhealthy fears.The representation of sexuality here is of an unhealthy obsession.Your organization has simply lived too long with corrosive, unhealthy fear.The other is to believe and to feel an excessive and unhealthy interest in them.Healthy fears block the path to failure, while unhealthy fears steer organizations away from growth and success.Low morale is an expression of the unhealthy fear that accompanies destructive core beliefs.Finally, restricting has the inevitable consequence of spreading unhealthy fear throughout an organization.Soon after the departure of Roszak from Peace News McGrath had quit that paper, nursing an unhealthy obsession with drugs.
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