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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunhurriedun‧hur‧ried /ʌnˈhʌrid $ -ˈhɜː-/ adjective  SLOWslow and calm the unhurried pace of a small townsee thesaurus at slowunhurriedly adverb
Examples from the Corpus
unhurriedShe walked along, calm and unhurried.I only had to keep my eyes straight ahead and my pace unhurried.Deliberate and unhurried, he tried them one after another in the lock under the white, nineteenth-century china handle.It's a community of old trees, big houses, and an unhurried life.These remarkable sessions did much to put the 50s Cool Jazz movement into a decade of unhurried motion.He preferred the unhurried pace of a small town.Though they began talking about marriage almost immediately, they let their physical relationship unfold at an unhurried pace.He swam gracefully, with easy, unhurried strokes.He began opening the drawers of his desk in an unhurried way, looking for something.
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