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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunhurtun‧hurt /ʌnˈhɜːt $ -ɜːrt/ ●●○ adjective [not before noun]  HURT1#not hurt The driver escaped unhurt from the accident.
Examples from the Corpus
unhurtThey then went through his pockets, took the money and escaped with £27, leaving the boy shocked but otherwise unhurt.The younger woman was suffering from shock but was otherwise unhurt.All three were wearing life vests and were unhurt.Cheek said one driver had lost control of his car and spun out, rolling down an embankment, but was unhurt.Everyone else appeared to be unhurt.Mr Ward, of Wigginton, York, was unhurt.Two other climbers were unhurt and went back to the bottom of the Tuckerman bowl seeking help.The driver of the car was unhurt, but his passenger was killed.The two youths, shaken but unhurt, declined to talk about the incident.Lincoln was unhurt, gazing at me with mild, friendly curiosity.Six day trippers escaped unhurt when their hot air balloon hit power lines.escaped unhurtIt is owned by a Roman Catholic family in Belfast, but it too escaped unhurt.The man behind the wheel of the third vehicle escaped unhurt.Kettlewell and Taylor escaped unhurt after the accident outside Middleham on the way to the races.A couple hiding in a wardrobe escaped unhurt after their mobile home flew 20 yards into a neighbour's house.Two women in the car escaped unhurt, but the home owner says he's lucky to be alive.Gerhard Berger escaped unhurt from a high-speed collision with Ferrari team-mate Jean Alesi.Fire escape: A man escaped unhurt from an early morning blaze in Bromborough.Joseph Aspinall, five, escaped unhurt when the fireplace exploded in his room at Bispham, Lancs, yesterday.
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