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unificationu‧ni‧fi‧ca‧tion /ˌjuːnɪfɪˈkeɪʃən/ ●○○ AWL noun [uncountable]  PGUNITEthe act of combining two or more groups, countries etc to make a single group or countryunification of the unification of Germany
Examples from the Corpus
unificationAfter unification Oct. 3 replaced June 17 as a national holiday.A more complete unification would not be possible.Commentators described the arrangements as the price paid for Soviet co-operation on unification.He believed, quite rightly, that there should be evolution and not revolution to achieve Service unification.The views of all four powers were clearly going to be crucial in the unification process.Lately I do not sleep at night, thinking about how to resolve the question of the unification of the whole country.All of this is totally incomprehensible to the woman, who wants unification as soon as possible.
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