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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunimaginativeun‧i‧ma‧gin‧a‧tive /ˌʌnɪˈmædʒənətɪv◂/ adjective  1 IMAGINE#lacking the ability to think of new or unusual ideas2 ORDINARYordinary and boring, and not using any new ideas unimaginative architecture unimaginative housing policies
Examples from the Corpus
unimaginativeThat means the traditional office layout of lined-up cubicles and work stations is seen as rigid and unimaginative.The approach is as persistent and tenacious as it is conventional and unimaginative.The process of disposal once a hospital is redundant can be frustratingly slow and unimaginative.Deaf workers find their careers blocked by unimaginative employers.I know as much about my condition as that overworked, unimaginative general practitioner does.He's so slow, so unimaginative, so lifeless.unimaginative social reformIt is detailed, concrete and enables even the most unimaginative writer to eliminate gross bias without gross inelegance.
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