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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunimportantun‧im‧por‧tant /ˌʌnɪmˈpɔːtənt◂ $ -ɔːr-/ adjective  UNIMPORTANTnot important syn trivial unimportant detailsTHESAURUSunimportant not importantThe exact details are unimportant.Girls' education was seen as unimportant.of no/little importance not important, or not very important. These phrases sound a little more formal than unimportantIf you're capable of doing the job, your age is of no importance.It's of little importance whether or not this story is true.minor small and not very likely to have an important effect – used especially about changes, problems, injuries, damage, or differencesI've made a few minor changes.The driver suffered minor injuries.These are just minor problems.trivial very unimportant and not worth worrying about or spending time onThey had a disagreement about some trivial matter.She tends to get upset about trivial things.insignificant very small and unimportant, especially when compared to other thingsHer own problems seemed insignificant.The amount of carbon they produce is relatively insignificant.negligible extremely small and not important – used especially about effects, amounts, differences, or risksSo far, the program has had a negligible effect.The difference in price is negligible.secondary not as important as something elseThese issues are of secondary importance.For many women, a career is secondary to being a mother.
Examples from the Corpus
unimportantEmployees' opinions were often treated as unimportant.This is not to say that dreams are unimportant.Although Durkheim did not see economic developments as unimportant, for him they were in no way basic.Everything he had done was just window-dressing, unimportant in itself.It had reappeared around the side of some crumbling, unimportant rock structure.And what part did the cripple play who had sat like a malignant spirit guarding a make-shift bridge over an unimportant stream?If these be the parties, it is entirely unimportant what may be the subject of controversy.And it also served to draw stings: it ensured the main issue got cloaked in unimportant wranglings.
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