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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunimpressiveun‧im‧pres‧sive /ˌʌnɪmˈpresɪv◂/ adjective  IMPRESS#not as good, large etc as expected or necessary unimpressive test results
Examples from the Corpus
unimpressiveThe best the team could come up with was an unimpressive 1-1 tie.Marie's performance in the last exam was unimpressive.When you think how much has been spent on research, the results are sadly unimpressive.Despite a large amount of research into automatic speech recognition the results have been unimpressive.The exterior of Linköping Cathedral is unimpressive.She had found it in the dray horses and in Barney, who was a singularly unimpressive animal except for his listening skills.Are the unimpressive crowd totals merely a reflection of the teams' win-loss records?After all, you never want to begin a piece with a boring or unimpressive point.This led them to replicate policies and strategies that were either outmoded or unworkable, and to achieve predictably unimpressive results.
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