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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishuninhabitedun‧in‧hab‧it‧ed /ˌʌnɪnˈhæbɪtɪd◂/ adjective  EMPTYan uninhabited place does not have anyone living there syn deserted an uninhabited islandsee thesaurus at empty
Examples from the Corpus
uninhabitedVictorine Meurent lived in another system of reference, in a narrative as yet unformulated and uncodified, but not uninhabited.Most of the islands in Clear Bay are uninhabited.Offshore, there's a maze of islands, many uninhabited.One can feel responsibility without feeling love, otherwise the world would be uninhabited.The centre is vast and uninhabited.The land, relentlessly monotone in all but a few summer weeks of feverish flowering, is almost uninhabited.Access to this remote uninhabited Himalayan mountain is via high snow-covered passes.The two seek refuge on an uninhabited island.an uninhabited islandLaxford Bridge is a welcome uninhabited oasis amongst shaggy surroundings.Both groups need to leave and are intending to settle on a previously uninhabited planet.uninhabited islandThe two seek refuge on an uninhabited island.They set up camp on the uninhabited island; and started a barbecue.It turns the fan at a public toilet on an uninhabited island in Boston Harbor.The new airport was to be built at Chek Lap Kok, a largely uninhabited island north of Lantau island.
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