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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishuninterestedun‧in‧terest‧ed /ʌnˈɪntrɪstɪd/ adjective  INTERESTED#not interesteddisinteresteduninterested in He was uninterested in politics.
Examples from the Corpus
uninterestedBut he was still to all intents and purposes uninterested.She may lack motivation to increase knowledge and improve skills, and appear uninterested.He looked too uninterested, and when he saw her watching him he avoided her eyes.Other parents feel drained, with little emotional energy to devote to smiling and cooing at a seemingly uninterested child.Morris appeared to be completely uninterested in any of the suggestions I made.In the circumstances I should have been the good daughter, studious and uninterested in boyfriends.The Hanoverian kings were not uninterested in political life but they had difficulty comprehending the complexities of domestic and foreign affairs.It's a pity that so many people are uninterested in science at school.Somewhere in the background, the food dispenser drifted aimlessly, offering tasty delicacies to uninterested people.He was an above-average but somewhat uninterested student, and his intelligence was more obvious than evident in his grades.uninterested inOlder workers are generally uninterested in computers.
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