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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunjustun‧just /ˌʌnˈdʒʌst◂/ ●○○ adjective formal  UNFAIRnot fair or reasonable syn unfair unjust lawsunjustly adverb
Examples from the Corpus
unjustThey believed the student demands to be unjust.They didn't mind breaking the law because they believed the law was unjust.But in what sense can the conditions in prisons be said to be unjust?It brought back all the resentment at unjust accusations of 11 months before.an unjust and pointless warunjust punishmentWherever freedom is denied to anyone for unfair or unjust reasons, capitalism can not thrive.Crime is the natural offspring of an unjust society.The liberal press was said to be unjust, unfair and unpatriotic and deserved to be closed down.The legal aid charity has helped overturn some notoriously unjust verdicts.He believed that, because we can recognize justice, we know, for example, that an unjust wage is theft.
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