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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunkemptun‧kempt /ˌʌnˈkempt◂/ adjective  UNTIDYunkempt hair or plants have not been cut and kept neat
Examples from the Corpus
unkemptHoskins beard was tangled and unkempt.She used to dress so neatly, but now her hair and clothes had become unkempt and dirty.an unkempt beardAn unkempt coat will provide a refuge for parasites, and if soiled with faecal matter is likely to attract flies.Did her unkempt condition preclude making a quest out of her?Willie closed it carefully behind them and they walked into a wild and unkempt garden.With his unkempt ginger hair running down into sideboards it made his hard face look even meaner.Every last bit of unkempt hedge in our front garden was taking the same attitude it had always taken.Now some of them look unkempt, neglected, despite the fine new houses and gardens which are springing up.In the open doorway stood an unkempt though not unattractive young man who was dark of hair and eye.
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