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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunlessun‧less /ʌnˈles, ən-/ ●●● S1 W1 conjunction  1 IFused to say that something will happen or be true if something else does not happen or is not true Unless some extra money is found, the theatre will close. I think you should complain – unless, of course, you are happy with the way things are. He won’t go to sleep unless you tell him a story. I can’t leave her unless I know she’s all right.see thesaurus at if2 not unlessGRAMMAR: Choosing the right tenseYou use the simple present tense with unless: Unless the government changes its policy, the economic situation will get worse. Don’t use ‘will’ in the clause after unless. Don’t say: Unless the government will change its policy ... You can also use the present perfect tense with unless: I won’t change anything unless someone has asked me to. Don’t say: unless someone will have asked me to | unless someone will ask me toTo talk about the past, use the simple past with unless: Unless the company got a loan, it would go bankrupt.They threatened to kill him unless he gave them the money. Don’t say: Unless the company would get a loan ...USAGE: Unless, in case, or elseYou use unless when saying that if something does not happen, something else will happen: Unless I hear from you (=if I don’t hear from you), I’ll assume everything’s OK.You use in case when saying that you do something in order to be prepared if something happens: Take a sweater in case you get cold.You use or else when saying that something bad will happen if you do not do something: You’d better go now, or else you’ll miss the train.
Examples from the Corpus
unlessUnless he's a complete idiot, he'll understand.Don't call me at the office unless it's absolutely necessary.Milk quickly turns sour, unless it's refrigerated.Unless the weather improves, we will have to cancel the game.He must have resigned, unless they fired him.Unless you are a military fan, the Pentagon tour isn't very exciting.You won't pass your examinations unless you study hard.
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