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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunlitun‧lit /ˌʌnˈlɪt◂/ adjective  DARKdark because there are no lights an unlit stairway
Examples from the Corpus
unlitWithin minutes the crowd had dispersed, leaving the frontage of the Theater an der Wien unlit and deserted.The path was unlit, and she needed a torch to find her way.Too many bright lights can create a glaring contrast between the lit and unlit areas.One day the fire remained unlit because every member of the Hauxwell family was stricken with flu and unable to move.Behind the gasoline pumps the unlit garage stood like a huge black shadow.an unlit parking lotThe horrific attack happened in Middlesbrough as the victim was walking along an unlit path.One of them, doubtless the Substitute Prosecutor, was on his feet, playing with an unlit pipe.Carefully, she descended into an unknown, unlit room.Heart thudding uncomfortably in my chest, I ran up the unlit stone stairs of the tenement.
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