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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunlooked-forun‧looked-for /ʌnˈlʊkt fɔː $ -fɔːr/ adjective  EXPECTnot expected unlooked-for success
Examples from the Corpus
unlooked-forIn his family he found an unlooked-for happiness.The readers were simply an unlooked-for hazard.Theodora gazed at the extraordinary, the unlooked-for information.He had seen this unlooked-for inheritance simply as a source of lucre.Whatever it was, the Regent saw it as an unlooked-for opportunity.This recondite reinterpretation of the classics had the unlooked-for result of keeping them alive and well for many, many centuries.He wondered afterwards whether his unlooked-for success in the examination caused him to read the wrong subject at the university.This was such an unlooked-for success that I now only need glasses for reading.
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