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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunmadeun‧made /ˌʌnˈmeɪd◂/ adjective  1 DHFUNTIDYan unmade bed has not been made tidy after someone has slept in it2 an unmade road is one whose surface has not been covered with a special hard material
Examples from the Corpus
unmadeThe beds are unmade and still warm.Sprawled across the unmade bed is Jamie, a blanket over him.In one dim corner of the little box he thought he could see an easel, and a tiny unmade bed.I asked Duncan to come over the road and look at the unmade road where I'd left Armstrong.Many residents with frontages on to unmade roads had already contributed 50 percent of the cost of the work.All day long wheelbarrows trundled up and down the unmade surface carrying topsoil to neaten up the edges of the path.On a rocky unmade track through the olive groves, we might have strayed through a time warp into a Biblical landscape.
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