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unmarriedun‧mar‧ried /ˌʌnˈmærid◂/ ●○○ adjective  SSFMARRYnot married syn single unmarried mothers
Examples from the Corpus
unmarriedEveryone thought he had died unmarried, but that was not true.He is generally unmarried, even though he may have had a shady past which included associating with women.That remarkable face is also the object of a pilgrimage of unmarried females.Tampons were not allowed, being considered unsuitable for unmarried girls.Unmarried mothers can usually receive help from the State or Federal governments.For several years she made tours of the Continent with her elder unmarried sister, Caroline.Mrs Travis has three unmarried sons.Between one-fifth and one-half of all unmarried teenagers in developing countries are sexually active, according to the Worldwatch Institute.The unmarried woman is anxious about the affairs of the Lord; the married woman is anxious about worldly affairs.Instead, black married women stopped having so many children; black unmarried women continued to have them as before.
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