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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunmatchedun‧matched /ˌʌnˈmætʃt◂/ adjective literary  BESTbetter than any other syn unequalled a woman of unmatched beauty
Examples from the Corpus
unmatchedBut the big horse, ideally suited to Aintree, has some way to go before matching Red Rum's unmatched achievements.They did no damage but only left unmatched earrings in her bedroom.And a second afterward hurled all of South Florida into a Latin frenzy unmatched even in the Dolphins' best days.The game play and artificial intelligence are unmatched in sports video gaming.The war and the expansion that followed created a culture of mobility and middle-class affluence unmatched in the history of the world.The hotel's top-floor lounge offers unmatched views of the city.
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