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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunmetun‧met /ˌʌnˈmet◂/ adjective  unmet needs, demands etc have not been dealt with
Examples from the Corpus
unmetUnemployment then rises, land and other resources are underused, and local needs are unmet.unmet expectationsChange creates unmet needs by creating new interfaces.Change creates unmet needs by introducing new technological or economic possibilities waiting to be capitalized on.So where are the unmet needs in and around your own organization?Because interfaces juxtapose value systems, assumptions, needs, and languages, they create unmet needs.Efficiency should mean taking into full account the quality of services, including their ability to develop in response to unmet needs.The vendor-minded employee must develop an eye for unmet needs.Fixares says an unmet publishing schedule led to the omission of some information.
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