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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunmovedun‧moved /ʌnˈmuːvd/ adjective [not before noun]  DON'T CAREfeeling no pity, sympathy, or sadnessunmoved by Richard seemed unmoved by the tragedy.
Examples from the Corpus
unmovedThe two detectives watched him, unmoved.The defendant's claims of self-defense left the jury unmoved.Recruiters banged at their drums, yet crowds of young men filled the streets, unmoved and unresponsive.Unmoved by his pleas, Lucy strolled out of the roomHe alone of all the Lionisers was unmoved by illusions of great men.How can anyone remain unmoved by pictures of starving children on our TV screens?It was nevertheless something of a relief to find Fordham notably unmoved by such distant calls to glory.Walter seemed unmoved by the tragedy.Shannon had watched the encounter with interest, while remaining singularly unmoved herself.You smile and remain unmoved, she said, just like father.He was quite unmoved, totally untouched by the man's obviously severe injuries.
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