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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunnamedun‧named /ˌʌnˈneɪmd◂/ adjective  NAME OF A PERSON#an unnamed person, place, or thing has been mentioned but not referred to by name
Examples from the Corpus
unnamedShares in Bond Street antiques dealer Mallett surged 19p to 73p after an unnamed bid approach.An unnamed bidder paid $23 million for the painting.She bears a daughter, the main figure in the Arcadian myth, but unnamed, called only Despoina, Mistress.The unnamed man, from Baden-Baden, about 40 miles from Stuttgart, was taken to a psychiatric clinic.An unnamed man had been killed and his body dumped in a pond in a park.Vic and Emelia split up and now Sarah has dumped Julia for an as yet unnamed new man.An unnamed source claimed that the company had gang associations.The newspaper received the information from an unnamed source.The layout indicated that an unnamed store would be anchoring the shopping center.His lawyer said the unnamed woman was demanding a great deal of money.
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