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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunobtrusiveun‧ob‧tru‧sive /ˌʌnəbˈtruːsɪv◂/ adjective  OBVIOUS#not easily noticed The staff are trained to be unobtrusive.unobtrusively adverb
Examples from the Corpus
unobtrusiveHart, who attended law school with Danforth, remembers him as "quiet and unobtrusive."The overall facility is quietness and staff are trained to be unobtrusive.Our requests, whatever they are, must be unobtrusive.Roiaanshorn has some industry, but it is unobtrusive.The sprinkler heads are unobtrusive, almost invisible against the ceiling.The pier at the right is also disturbing - because it is an unobtrusive detail.And the noise settles to an unobtrusive drone at highway cruising speeds.The aerial is small and unobtrusive, fitting closely to the chimney stack.Telephone reservation clerks were provided with feedback on their verbal behaviors obtained from unobtrusive monitoring of their telephone calls.Even industry and its technology were unobtrusive outside the New World.This is an unobtrusive way of keeping expensive unofficial calls to the minimum.The researchers will make their observations in the most unobtrusive way possible.
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