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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunopposedun‧op‧posed /ˌʌnəˈpəʊzd◂ $ -ˈpoʊzd◂/ adjective  without any opponent or opposition, especially in an election Roberts was elected unopposed as president.
Examples from the Corpus
unopposedThe Athenians did not wait; they went straight after the Chalkidians. who had been ravaging north-eastern Attica unopposed.They expected a swift passage, almost unopposed.Somehow they bombed the target in perfect weather and unopposed, and returned to Jersey.It was awarded to us by the Independent Television Commission after we submitted an unopposed bid for the franchise.This would consequently lead to increased motility because parasympathetic activity would be unopposed by diminished sympathetic activity.Corbin ran unopposed for mayor.Peter Chapple-Hyam's colt was virtually unopposed in the market, shortening up to 4-6 favourite after opening at evens.Slovo received an unopposed nomination for the post of national chairman in succession to Dan Tloome.
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