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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunpaidun‧paid /ˌʌnˈpeɪd◂/ ●○○ adjective  1 OWEan unpaid bill or debt has not been paid2 FREE/COST NOTHINGdone without receiving payment unpaid work unpaid leave
Examples from the Corpus
unpaidThe procedure cost five hundred dollars, which Amelia left unpaid.Perry stayed on with the Agency as an unpaid adviser.Last month they owed £500. This went unpaid and the arrears will total £1000 by December.She left a number of unpaid bills when she went back home.For example, juniors in the health-care program participate in a series of unpaid clinical rotations at one of 12 area hospitals.The card holder is liable for any unpaid debts.Nearly half of them have to rely on unpaid help from friends or family members.Coburn works 20 to 25 unpaid hours a week for the organization.Amir worked as an unpaid informant for the internal security servicean unpaid internshipThe company allows its employees to take unpaid leave for various reasons.Employees were often required to work unpaid overtime.Varley was its unpaid pastor until 1882 and experimented with various means of evangelizing and meeting the social needs of the poor.We have flextime and job sharing, paid and unpaid personal leave.Will these families be more symmetrical as far as the allocation of unpaid work is concerned?
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