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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunparalleledun‧par‧al‧leled /ʌnˈpærəleld/ AWL adjective formal  BESTbigger, better, or worse than anything else an achievement unparalleled in sporting history
Examples from the Corpus
unparalleledAnd in 1954 Eliot's influence and authority were unparalleled.The realistic freedom this gives you is unparalleled, although it takes a while to master walking by moving the mouse.a period of unparalleled economic prosperityShe had a beautiful figure which she used in subtle movements of unparalleled grace.Their unparalleled knowledge of the uses and properties of forest plants and wildlife will disappear with the forests.Either way, a ski slope of unparalleled lubricity would result.And my poetry is unparalleled since the bards hung up their rhyming shoes!Since the war urban Britain has experienced a rate of change unparalleled since the early days of the Industrial Revolution.There is an an unparalleled vegetarian menu.
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