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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunperturbedun‧per‧turbed /ˌʌnpəˈtɜːbd◂ $ -pərˈtɜːrbd◂/ adjective  not worried or annoyed by something that has happened John seemed unperturbed by the news.
Examples from the Corpus
unperturbedEmily sat with her hands in her lap, quite unperturbed.For example, in cases of scarring some plaintiffs are much distressed by their scars, while others are largely unperturbed.His sons received the news by telegram and were apparently unperturbed.Patrick spotted a Sandwich Tern going about its own business unperturbed by the golf.Franco was, therefore, unperturbed by the manifesto issued by Don Juan in Lausanne on 19 March 1945.However, team members seem unperturbed by the prospect.Franco remained unperturbed, even satisfied.The information obtained from spectroscopic studies can then be directly related to unperturbed individual molecules.
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