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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunplannedun‧planned /ˌʌnˈplænd◂/ adjective  not planned or expected an unplanned pregnancy
Examples from the Corpus
unplannedVery few burglaries are completely unplanned.A distinction can be made between planned and unplanned decentralization.As I have suggested, the corrections that are made in unplanned discourse are also made in the pursuit of optimal relevance.We once worked for a successful trucking company that built one of its most profitable operations around an unplanned incident.This is not an unplanned or random process at all.Unplanned pregnancies in the US each year are estimated at 3 million.An audit of unplanned pregnancies seen in one practice also emphasised the need for great care in counselling people using the pill.After all, Miyako was an unplanned stopover for Hsu Fu.As a surprise, we decided to make an unplanned visit to my mother's.Switzer decided to make an unplanned visit to the football office to see Blake and his staff, he said.It is in such accidental and unplanned ways that key historical decisions are made.
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