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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunpleasantnessun‧pleas‧ant‧ness /ʌnˈplezəntnəs/ noun [uncountable] especially British English  ARGUEtrouble or arguments between people
Examples from the Corpus
unpleasantnessThe extreme unpleasantness of the mammogram is systematically and deliberately underplayed by the proponents of mass screening.Money itself is commonly blamed for unpleasantness in human character, attitudes and behaviour.It is true that there were bankers but their reputation for unpleasantness encouraged the popes to turn elsewhere for loans.She hated unpleasantness, though she wouldn't back down from a fight.The promise of the former must somehow compensate for the unpleasantness of the latter.The unpleasantness had somehow consumed a second on the scoreboard clock, which now read: 01.Bennett had been doorman at the Garrick Club for twenty-three years and had developed a way with unpleasantness.
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