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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunpopularun‧pop‧u‧lar /ʌnˈpɒpjələ $ -ˈpɑːpjələr/ ●●○ adjective  POPULAR#not liked by most people an unpopular choice an unpopular teacherunpopular with/among a decision that was deeply unpopular with studentsunpopularity /ʌnˌpɒpjəˈlærəti $ -ˌpɑːp-/ noun [uncountable]COLLOCATIONSadverbsvery/deeply/highly unpopularThis bill is deeply unpopular with the rest of the Republican establishment.extremely unpopularThe changes to the National Health System were extremely unpopular with doctors.increasingly unpopular (=more and more unpopular as time passes)The war was becoming increasingly unpopular.widely unpopularThe party promised to abolish this widely unpopular tax.
Examples from the Corpus
unpopularReviving the moribund nuclear industry would be tough and unpopular, and could take many years to produce more power.Coal has become unpopular and, paradoxically, in view of the Greens' increased influence, nuclear power has experienced a resurgence.an unpopular decisionTo court voters, Richard Nixon had ended the inequitable and unpopular draft.After his speech the night before in the Academy, Brown had become an extremely unpopular figure amongst the ruling elite.Repeal also would be unpopular in such places as Augusta, Ga., home of the Masters golf tournament.Hence it was reluctant to take the unpopular measures deemed by some to be necessary to tackle Britain's long-term problems.The government is more unpopular now than it has been for years.For such an unpopular phenomenon, the world sure sees a lot of inflation.But as we have seen, he was extremely careful to avoid public association with the generally unpopular pogrom-type anti-Semitic outrages.Mr Venables must be the most unpopular teacher in school.The taxes proved extremely unpopular with the electorate.deeply unpopularA string of sensational stories has made them deeply unpopular.The episcopalians, by contrast, strongly opposed the Union, which proved to be deeply unpopular.The first assessment was made in 1662, but the tax proved deeply unpopular and was finally abolished in 1689.The war is deeply unpopular, but Mugabe remains firmly committed to it.It has pledged to end the deeply unpopular draft and to reduce the 80,000-strong army.Even water privatisation, which every opinion poll showed to be a deeply unpopular measure, was almost six times over-subscribed.She did things which were deeply unpopular to a large section of the political community which she was striving to hold together.What we did not hear was that his objectionable manner made him deeply unpopular with black people in his district.
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