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unprepared to do something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunprepared to do somethingunprepared to do somethingformal not willing to do something They were unprepared to accept the conditions of the contract. unprepared
Examples from the Corpus
unprepared to do somethingMany grandparents are financially unprepared to care for their grandchildren.They were thus unprepared to deal with social and cultural problems of Tanganyikan hospitals in other than a technical fashion.The ferry was unprepared to handle a disaster.This also left certain Negro Volunteers unprepared to make the necessary adjustment, and led to the same kind of painful surprise.When the four women finally did enroll last September, school officials were unwilling or unprepared to meet the challenge.It is unprepared to offer them the skilled attention that they need.And exposed unprepared to view a patient whose appearance caused me to warn a hardened policeman!
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