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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunpretentiousun‧pre‧ten‧tious /ˌʌnprɪˈtenʃəs◂/ adjective  MODESTnot trying to seem better, more important etc than you really are – use this to show approval an unpretentious hotel an unpretentious woman
Examples from the Corpus
unpretentiousThird, the menu should be short and unpretentious.The films are simple, unpretentious and amusing.Like most Byzantine churches it is unpretentious and lacking in colour.The unpretentious aspect of this undertaking is important to an uninhibited approach.Umbria is a wonderful region, where life is simple and the people are unpretentious country folk.Jilly was surprised by how pleasant and unpretentious he was. Not like a big star at all.And she had introduced him to Zack, and Jason was surprised by how pleasant and unpretentious he was.Even these unpretentious, non-vintage champagnes benefit from keeping for a time; the great champagnes repay keeping for years and years.The run on unpretentious style and seasoned finishes has been a boon for the purveyors of shelter chic.an unpretentious, well-written comedy
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