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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunprotectedun‧pro‧tect‧ed /ˌʌnprəˈtektɪd◂/ adjective  1 DANGEROUSWEAKnot protected against possible harm or damage Thieves often target unprotected vehicles. Part-time workers are unprotected by this law.2 unprotected machines are not covered and could injure someone Machinery was often unprotected and accidents were frequent.3 unprotected sex
Examples from the Corpus
unprotectedLeave it too late and you may climb dangerously unprotected.Soon, she imagined, it would fall completely and leave her unprotected.Jonathon's eyes, unprotected, blinked on and off, unused to open air.It turned out to have come in through the curved zip which is unprotected by a weather flap.In the United States, volunteers are shooed away from spill cleanup, deemed too toxic for unprotected citizens.The security chiefs agreed that their efforts at making schools safe still leave students unprotected on their way to and from school.An unprotected stove pipe should be at least 18 inches from an unprotected wall or ceiling.This unprotected window provides an X-ray hazard.
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