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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunprovenun‧pro‧ven /ʌnˈpruːvən, -ˈprəʊ- $ -ˈpruː-/ adjective  not proved or tested unproven allegations unproven medical treatments
Examples from the Corpus
unprovenHe claimed the atomic theory of crystal shape was unproven.However, there are in fact several implicit and unproven assumptions hidden in the account I have just given.This question of source rocks is the main unproven factor in assessing the hydrocarbon potential of south Antrim.The decision was I am told based on clinical grounds because of the unproven nature of the treatment.Rather, they are responsible states with undeclared, and to a large extent unproven, nuclear weapons capabilities.Holifield has raw but unproven power.Installing new unproven software posed unacceptable risks to Pearl's tight implementation timetable.Should the general public be left alone to make their own decisions, when presented with unproven techniques?
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