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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunpublishedun‧pub‧lished /ʌnˈpʌblɪʃt/ AWL adjective  unpublished writing, information etc has never been published
Examples from the Corpus
unpublishedA work on armorial book-stamps remained unpublished.Much of his writing remains unpublished.It includes an illustrated catalogue of more than 700 mainly unpublished artifacts from the site.We collect published and unpublished balance sheet and other data for the majority of banks in the period.Should unpublished data be included in meta-analyses?Nabokov may have left behind some unpublished manuscripts.The unfinished and unpublished memoirs of Farini are replete with such hyperbole.In his unpublished notes Gauss anticipated major work of several mathematicians.Attention was given to materials not easily obtainable in Northern Ireland - pamphlets, monographs, unpublished theses etc.
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