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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunquestionedun‧ques‧tioned /ʌnˈkwestʃənd/ adjective  BELIEVEsomething that is unquestioned is accepted or believed by everyone The whole approach is based on unquestioned assumptions. an unquestioned right
Examples from the Corpus
unquestionedOgden's work ethic is unquestioned.Forbes' allegiance to Wanniski, Kemp and other supply siders who influenced the Reagan administration is unquestioned.In becoming routinized, however, roles and relationships carry an essential ideological function in the fact that what exists remains unquestioned.Many find their child-free existence supported or unquestioned.They were mere freighters of doctrine, not questioners, which they unloaded in unquestioned dribs and drabs around their parish.The meanings and typifications of institutions are unquestioned in the course of everyday life for the people who use them.They really were part of the unquestioned reality of the culture of the state.If he had not wanted to allow the man to be prosecuted, he had an unquestioned right to call him home.It is these markets that lend the behavior of even the most restrictive central banks an aura of unquestioned virtue.
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