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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunrealizedun‧real‧ized (also unrealised British English) /ʌnˈrɪəlaɪzd/ adjective  1 not achieved unrealized potential2 technical unrealized profits, losses etc have not been changed into a form that can be used as money
Examples from the Corpus
unrealizedI must revive in the listening public their own sense of moving about in worlds unrealized ...There are also others whose unrealized creativity only flowers in later life.They are caught in this place of denial and unrealized emotion and desire.unrealized hopesA great resource often remained an unrealized potential for weeks or months after completion.Ideals and a vision of education's unrealized potential have to go hand in hand with pragmatism.Such unrealized potentials exist everywhere, waiting for some one to capitalize on them.It may be more fruitful to create a utopian, and as yet unrealized, vision to hold before our eyes.
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