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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunreasoningun‧rea‧son‧ing /ʌnˈriːzənɪŋ/ adjective literary  IMAGINEan unreasoning feeling is not based on facts or good reasons
Examples from the Corpus
unreasoningCounting to ten and not shouting back at yet another unreasoning and unreasonable parent is difficult.unreasoning angerAs a result of his long struggles Gorfang has acquired an unreasoning hatred of the Dwarf race.Their unreasoning hostility and violence is merely a psychological projection of our own self-destructive impulses.Damn Lori and her unreasoning jealousy; but for her she would never have been in this position.Harry S Truman, personally decent, was damaged by an unreasoning loyalty to corrupt associates.But there was something disturbing about the sheer unreasoning rage behind them.How could anyone, much less a diplomat like Gordon, deal with such unreasoning rage?
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