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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunrecognizableun‧rec‧og‧niz‧a‧ble (also unrecognisable British English) /ʌnˈrekəɡnaɪzəbəl, -ˈrekə-/ adjective  RECOGNIZEsomeone or something that is unrecognizable has changed or been damaged so much that you do not recognize them I hadn’t been to the city for 20 years and it was almost unrecognizable.
Examples from the Corpus
unrecognizableWe've recovered two bodies from the wreckage, but they are unrecognizable.Each time he pointed to something about me, it was as if it fell away from me, foreign and unrecognizable.Ideally, the reading courses of the 1990s will not only look different to today's teachers, they will be unrecognizable.If we were gibbons, our lives would be unrecognizable.He's unrecognizable as the boy we once knew.The jaws were unrecognizable by this stage, and all the teeth were exposed as isolated teeth.The joy is being unrecognizable from role to role.The explosion left nothing but small, unrecognizable pieces of the aircraft scattered over the field.Finally there was the unrecognizable specialist equipment, acquired for some particular reason or other, but whose purpose was not apparent.Completely shaved and wearing prison clothes, the two sisters were unrecognizable to each other.Completely shaved, in prison clothes, they were unrecognizable to each other.
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