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unrefinedun‧re‧fined /ˌʌnrɪˈfaɪnd◂/ adjective  1 TIan unrefined substance is in its natural form unrefined sugar2 formalPOLITE# not polite or educated
Examples from the Corpus
unrefinedThe modern diabetic diet consists of high unrefined carbohydrate, and fibre, with a low fat content.It's no lower in calories, but it's higher in fibre and unrefined carbohydrates.Because they are more slowly metabolised, unrefined foods supply a steady stream of energy throughout the day.An hour's rehearsal wasn't much but sufficient to ensure an almost trouble free, if distinctly unrefined performance.The mineral traces in unrefined salt can sometimes affect the foods with which they are used.In 1913,150,000 tons of unrefined sugar arrived at the Nord stations, 85 percent of it at La Chapelle-Charbons.
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