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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunrepresentativeun‧rep‧re‧sen‧ta‧tive /ˌʌnreprɪˈzentətɪv/ adjective  TYPICAL#not typical of a particular group of things or peopleunrepresentative of opinions that are unrepresentative of the population
Examples from the Corpus
unrepresentativeThe problem is that they are a small sample of all criminals, and almost certainly unrepresentative.However, there is no reason to believe that the sample is unrepresentative in any way.Naturally this judgement has to be tempered by the unrepresentative nature of the sample of reports that it draws upon.Second, the telephone lists actually used for the sample were unrepresentative of the electorate.These workers are unrepresentative of the general population.The result is only representative on those variables selected for the quota, and may be quite unrepresentative on other factors.One only has to look at the statistics to see how unrepresentative Xuxa's world is.
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