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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunresolvedun‧re‧solved /ˌʌnrɪˈzɒlvd◂ $ -ˈzɑːlvd◂, -ˈzɒːlvd◂/ AWL adjective  SOLVE/DEAL WITH A PROBLEMan unresolved problem or question has not been answered or solved the unresolved issue of who will pay for the project an unresolved conflict
Examples from the Corpus
unresolvedTo my mind the issue is still unresolved.A number of problems are still unresolved.A number of issues, however, remain unresolved.It was into this unresolved but not unsatisfactorily balanced situation that film was introduced, and was immediately identified as something new.Carla, of course, knew the story well, and had analyzed it for unresolved childhood issues with her analyst husband.The design of the new shopping mall is almost complete, although there are still some unresolved difficulties.While this case is somewhat extreme, the risk that it demonstrates of unresolved feelings surrounding prematurity is worth keeping in mind.They merely suffered from unresolved Oedipal complexes, and were attacking universities as a surrogate father.These dreams are usually evidence of some unresolved problem or dilemma.Mr Ray's statement leaves an unresolved question.unresolved safety issues
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