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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunrivalledun‧ri‧valled British English, unrivaled American English /ʌnˈraɪvəld/ adjective formal  BESTbetter than any other an unrivalled collection of Chinese art
Examples from the Corpus
unrivalledAs an accurate observer of, and extensive traveller in, a virtually unknown land he was unrivalled.Its cabaret tradition and its popular music are unrivalled.The location by the loch was unrivalled.The simple childhood device for sketching them by superimposing a small egg shape for the body remains unrivalled.They also supplied their poor and their proletariat to the great cities, of which New York is the unrivalled prototype.At night the floodlit buildings offer an unrivalled setting for all types of function.Our countryside has unrivalled spectacle and variation within quite short distances.
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