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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunruffledun‧ruf‧fled /ʌnˈrʌfəld/ adjective  CALMcalm and not upset by a difficult situation – use this to show approval Emily remained completely unruffled by the chaos.
Examples from the Corpus
unruffledAfter two hours of intense questioning, he remained unruffled.He looked apologetic, but unruffled.He usually appeared with a smile, an amused and unruffled air.His touch is so sure and he is stoutly unruffled - apart from when he was embarrassingly run out.Her long black hair and comfortable clothes are the unruffled badge of the artist and beatnik, be she fifteen or fifty.Clinton appeared unruffled by the last-minute hitch, delivering his hour-long address in a crisp and fluid style.They react to the latest discoveries with blasé aplomb, remaining unruffled by theological controversy.Matthew's unruffled manner had evidently soothed the businessman a little.Rosie remained unruffled, smiling secretly as cats do in the midst of mouse dreams.
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