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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunsatisfactoryun‧sat‧is‧fac‧to‧ry /ʌnˌsætəsˈfæktəri/ ●○○ adjective  not good enough or not acceptable an unsatisfactory situation
Examples from the Corpus
unsatisfactoryIn the thirteen years since these figures were announced, the progress which has been made has been unsatisfactory.And the ending is slightly unsatisfactory, arguably deficient in the final twist or flourish.Sharing my office with the two secretaries proved an unsatisfactory arrangement.Do moral arguments provide an unsatisfactory basis upon which to prohibit insider dealing?This arrangement proved unsatisfactory because there was no corresponding transfer of executive power.an unsatisfactory explanationIt was a most unsatisfactory meeting - not a single decision was made.This was a most unsatisfactory outcome.Within the culture as a whole these popular activities can be said to have established a limited, unresolved but not entirely unsatisfactory position.People should not accept unsatisfactory products. They should complain.
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