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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunsatisfiedun‧sat‧is‧fied /ʌnˈsætəsfaɪd/ adjective  1 an unsatisfied demand, request etc has not been dealt with an unsatisfied demand for graduates2 not pleased because you want something to be better unsatisfied consumers dissatisfied
Examples from the Corpus
unsatisfiedSo the Nash Ensemble's concert offered a first half of Mozart and Brahms which left one feeling vaguely unsatisfied.The compromise left all sides unsatisfied.One of my few remaining unsatisfied ambitions is to get into the old man's study.But other men, who remain unsatisfied, continue to grow step by step to new levels.There is a huge unsatisfied demand for such mortgages from borrowers, as Standard Life discovered.But everyone knew, even then, about unsatisfied or sublimated or postponed desires: the final step must be action.Convinced that the general public had an unsatisfied thirst for knowledge, he took an active part in several educational activities.I have a nagging sense of being unsatisfied with my behaviour, as though I was doing something morally wrong.
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