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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunscientificun‧sci‧en‧tif‧ic /ˌʌnsaɪənˈtɪfɪk/ adjective  not based on facts or the usual scientific methods of doing something unscientific ideas
Examples from the Corpus
unscientificEven worse, it was unscientific.He argued that it is too simplistic, and indeed ethnocentric, to dismiss such peoples as irrational and unscientific.Ranking schools based on any criteria can be unscientific and hurtful.Researchers who speak plainly are likely to find themselves embroiled in controversy and accused of unscientific bias.Explanations are plentiful: absurd, irrational, unscientific explanations, alongside absurd, rational, scientific ones.An unscientific poll of my friends revealed that no one knew who the lieutenant governor was.Other analysts criticized him for being both too political and unscientific - science being assumed to be apolitical in principle.New Scientist, of all journals, must be aware how totally unscientific the Pentagon version of these matters is.We have also become concerned - in a confused and unscientific way - about the psychological power of new forms of communication.
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